Hygiene Passport Test

What is Hygiene Passport test?

  • test is performed in writing, either in Finnish or Swedish
  • contains 40 true/false statements
  • pass mark 34/40
  • time limit 45 minutes

Under special circumstances, the test can be arranged in other languages.

How to perform Hygiene Passport test?

  • mark an "X" in a box either for "Correct" or "Wrong"
  • use a ballpoint pen in a colour other than black
  • the proficiency examiner checks and archives the test forms

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Hygiene passport practices

  • Food handling hazards
  • Personal hygiene
  • Microbes and food poisoning
  • Sanitation
  • Food handling practices
  • Own-check and food legislation

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Information about Hygiene Passport Test


What is Hygiene Passport test?

Hygiene Passport test is a test which evaluates your knowledge in the area of food hygiene. Hygiene Passport is required if you work at food premises and handle unpacked perishable foods. If you pass the test, it means that you know the basics of food hygiene well enough. 

Normal Hygiene Passport test is carried out in writing in Finnish or in Swedish. Special circumstances Hygiene Passport Test is the test that can be carried out in other languages. Possible languages are, for example, English, Russian and Chinese. The test may also be arranged in braille and sign language. 

How to get a Hygiene Passport?

You get a Hygiene Passport if you pass Hygiene Passport test. Note that if you have suitable degree in food sector or other suitable education in this area (obtained in Finland), you can get a Hygiene Passport without having to pass the test. 

Who organizes Hygiene Passport tests?

Hygiene Passport tests are organized by hygiene passport examiners approved by the Finnish Food Authority Ruokavirasto. These examiners are located all around Finland. You can find their contact information on Ruokavirasto pages, there are over 2000 independent examiners located in different parts of Finland. Hygiene Passport examiners are independent operators and are fee to decide the location, timetable and prices of the Hygiene Passport Tests they arrange. However, their operations are supervised by Ruokavirasto.

Hygiene Passport test price. How much Hygiene Passport costs? 

Since Hygiene Passport examiners are independent operators, they are free to decide in which languages the test is arranged and the price for the test arrangement. For each order of Hygiene Passport test, examiners pay a fixed fee to Ruokavirasto. Currently the fee is 6 euros. The price for the clients will naturally be higher than that, but the exact amount depends on the examiner.  You can browse available approved examiners close to your area on Ruokavirasto website. 

What is Hygiene Passport test like? 

Hygiene Passport Test in brief:

  • Amount of statements: 40
  • Test pass mark: 34 / 40
  • Allowed time: 45 minutes

Hygiene Passport test consists of 40 true/false statements regarding different areas of food hygiene. Sometimes correct answer to the statement may lie in the food legislation. However, sometimes correct answer may be based merely on good practices of food hygiene. When completing the test always remember to consider each statement from the perspective of food hygiene and remember that the situation in the statement takes place on food premises.

How to prepare for Hygiene Passport test? 

Preparing for Hygiene Passport test is easy if you have access to quality preparation materials and opportunity to test your knowledge with mock tests before taking the official exam. This site was created specifically to prepare you for Hygiene Passport test. When you order full version of Hygiene Passport practice, you get access to food hygiene theory as well as various types of exercises that help you get ready for the official test. 

Where can I practice for Hygiene Passport test?

You can test your knowledge of food hygiene by practising on this site: complete the Free Hygiene Passport Test or order the full version. The full version of Hygiene Passport practice contains true/false –questions by category, multiple-choice questions and interactive picture tests where the same things are asked in different ways to make the learning process more efficient. You can practice by category at a time or test how you would perform at a time-limited Hygiene Passport test which is similar to the official exam. Categories are the same as in the official test, but the questions are not exactly the same. Official questions are not public. 

Which parts of food hygiene are included in the Hygiene Passport test? 

The statements in the Hygiene Passport test may concern the following categories of food hygiene:

  • Food handling hazards
  • Microbes and food poisoning
  • Sanitation
  • Own check and food legislation
  • Personal hygiene
  • Food handling practices 

What happens on the test day?

On the day of the Hygiene Passport Test the examiner must ensure that during the test you get to submit your responses to the statements in peace and independently. Normal Hygiene Passport test lasts 45 minutes. If you enroll to the special circumstances test, you will have unlimited time to complete the test. On the day of the test remember to take with you a valid identity proof. If you have questions regarding the completion of the test form or anything else, you can raise your questions to the examiner before the beginning of the test. Speaking and asking questions during the Hygiene Passport test is not allowed. 

What happens after Hygiene Passport test?

If you passed your exam you will get the official Hygiene Passport certificate by post about a month after the completion of the test. If you didn’t pass the test, you can enroll to the new test and complete it once again. To get the best result from first attempt we recommend to study food hygiene theory and complete practice tests available on this website. The best way to prepare is to order the full version of Hygiene Passport test preparation package. 

How long is Hygiene Passport valid?

According to the food legislation Hygiene Passport is valid until further notice. In other words, Hygiene Passport is valid as long as there are no changes in the legislation that would limit its validity time. If one day this happens, Hygiene Passport would have to be renewed. However, currently there are no requirements to update the passport once it has been obtained. 

Will I get Hygiene Passport certificate right after the test?

It is possible to get a temporary Hygiene Passport certificate from the examiner and show it to your employer. The official Hygiene Passport will arrive to you by post about a month after you pass the test. 

How to book Hygiene Passport test?

On Finnish Food Authority website you can find Hygiene Passport test organisers located in your neighborhood. In Finland there are over 2000 examiners approved by Ruokavirasto. Each of them is an independent operator and they themselves decide the time-tables, registration process and the price of Hygiene Passport tests they organise. You can contact several examiners and choose the one that suits you best. 

What to do if Hygiene Passport is lost?

If only one part of the Hygiene Passport is lost (the paper part or the card), you have to contact the original examiner – the one who supervised your test and issued your Hygiene Passport. If it is no longer possible, you can contact any other examiner to get the new Hygiene Passport. 

If both parts of the Hygiene Passport are lost, only the original examiner can issue the new Hygiene Passport for you (if he still has your original test form in his records). According to the legislation, Hygiene Passport examiners have to keep records of the test forms during 3 years after the issuing date of the Hygiene Passport. If the original examiner does no longer have the records of your test form, you will have to pass Hygiene Passport test once again.

If your Hygiene Passport was issued based on the degree in food sector or other related studies and both parts of the certificate are lost, you can contact examiner to get the new Hygiene Passport.

How to update Hygiene Passport if my name has changed?

If your name has changed you have to bring to the examiner the official certificate of the name change. This can be, for example, an extract from the population register, official certificate of the name change, or wedding certificate where both surnames (surname before and after the wedding) are mentioned. Note that passport, driving licence, personal ID or Kela-card do not prove the name change. 

What can I do if there is a mistake in Hygiene Passport?

If you received a faulty Hygiene Passport, you have to contact the examiner and inform about the mistake. It is the responsibility of the examiner to fix the mistake in the passport. Ruokavirasto does not have information about persons who have completed the test and Ruokavirasto itself does not issue Hygiene Passports.  Remember to take contact details from the examiner on the day of the test, so that you are able to contact them later. If your Hygiene Passport someday gets lost or your name is changed, you have to contact the original examiner. The list of examiners approved by Ruokavirasto and their contact details can be found on their Ruokavirasto website. 

Are foreign Hygiene Passports and degrees valid in Finland?

Hygiene Passport certificates obtained abroad are not valid in Finland. If you have a foreign degree or other education related to food sector, it is not enough to get a Hygiene Passport in Finland without passing the Hygiene Passport test. If you want to work in Finland in the area of food sector you have to get Finnish Hygiene Passport. Foreign Hygiene certificate or education completed abroad does not replace Finnish Hygiene Passport.