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Description of the service

This web service provides the user with digital learning solutions in the form of various tests, exercises and other content. The service includes free content and paid content. Free content can be used without registration, some of the content is only available to registered users. The paid content requires registration for the service as well as payment. The material presented in the service is prepared by the professionals.

The prices of this web service will be clearly displayed on corresponding pages. The web service owner is entitled to make changes to the prices.

Registration and use of personal information

To use the paid content of the web service, you need to sign up for the site.

The processing of personal data is described in the Privacy Policy and in the user register description found at the bottom of the page.

Limitation of Liability

The owner of the web service:

  • will try to update and maintain the site so that its content is accurate and up to date.
  • will use methods to prevent the presence of malware and viruses, etc., in the service
  • does not warrant that the content displayed on the web service is correct and will not bear responsibility for any direct or indirect damages caused by the use of these services.
  • is not responsible for any interruptions or damages caused by potential technical disturbances such as information system errors.
  • does not guarantee that this service will be always or uninterruptedly available.
  • is not responsible for the costs incurred if the site has material the functionality of which increases, for example, the costs of the download.
  • is not responsible for the updating of third-party sites to which this site is linking
  • is not responsible for the appropriate virus protection on the user’s device.
  • reserves the right to prevent access to the online service at any time

You may not create links to this site without a separate permission of the web service owner.

Access to the Service

The ownership of the Web content of this service and the intellectual property rights belong to the site owner. The user does not have the right to publish, distribute, make available to the public, translate into another languages, or change the material of this website. The user does not have the right to make the content of this website available to a third party in any way.

Restricting simultaneous sessions of a service

The number of simultaneous user sessions allowed with the same username is limited to five. The user can log in to the service with the same username from as many devices as he or she wishes. If the limit for simultaneous user sessions is exceeded, the user session that was first logged in to the service will be automatically logged out.

Ordering the service

Check out our current delivery terms. You can find them on the order form or page footer.

User account

The user account is needed for the delivery of the digital content. The user account will be automatically removed if the user has not logged in during a certain lenght period and does not have paid services. The processing of personal data is described in our privacy policy and in the user data register.

About cookies

Please read more about our cookie policy from the Privacy Policy document mentioned above.

Contact between the customer and the service provider

The contact between the user and the web service owner takes place electronically via email or contact form. You can find the contact form from the main page footer.

Replacement of costs and damage

The owner of this web service does not compensate for any damage caused by direct or indirect damage or force majeure.

All material in this service is published without warranty of any kind regarding availability, accuracy, reliability, content or other features. The suitability of the material for any particular purpose is not guaranteed.

The owner of the Online Service is not responsible for any damages caused by technical malfunctions, maintenance or installations, communications or any direct or indirect damages caused by any delay, change, or loss of knowledge.


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These Terms of Use bind the web site user. The web service owner is entitled to change these terms of use without notice. If we change these terms, your consent will be asked again when you next time log in to this site.

Applicable law

The law of Finland shall apply to the use of the service and the interpretation of the terms of use.