Customer Register Description

Henkilötietolain (523/99) 10 §:n mukainen rekisteriseloste

1. Registrar

PL 12 01361 Vantaa

2. Register contact person


3. Register name

Hygiene passport -site user register.

4. Purpose of this register

To collect data for delivering service for the user. (User accounts and orders).

5. Content of the register

  • User name or nick name
  • Email provided by user

If user has made an order

  • Billing address

(We are using external payment method, no payment information collected)

6. Regular releases of data

Data is not transferred outside EU

7. Protection of the data 

  • Only persons assigned to use the database can use it
  • The database is located in an internet-based service protected by several methods (including SSL, AES).
  • Permissions to use the database are issued and supervised by a person responsible for managing the database.

8. Tarkastusoikeus ja tarkastusoikeuden toteuttaminen

  • A registered person is entitled to know what information concerning him or her is stored in the customer database in accordance with the Personal Data Act.
  • Data may be inspected free of charge once in each calendar year.
  • Inspection requests must be submitted in writing to the address given at the beginning of this data file description and must be signed by hand by the requesting party.